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Trade live with former hedge funder Sam Cutler

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Our ultimate mission is to help traders become self-sufficient. Our fearless leader and former hedge funder Sam Cutler trades LIVE via Zoom 5 days a week. All trades are signaled in real-time, and the rationale and logic behind the moves are explained in depth.


In addition to trading live and having direct access to a former hedge funder, our team includes a fully dedicated quant. Leveraging technology gives you an incredible edge in trading, and all members have access to following custom built tools:


Fully custom TradingView indicator

- Buy/Short/Take Profit/Exit signals + real-time alerts
Trading plan lines directly on the chart
Trend Cloud for signal confirmation
Fully customizable appearance
- All future updates to the indicator
Setup in less than 1 minute


- Fully custom, thoroughly backtested algo strictly for day trading the S&P 500 index (signals work for both SPX and SPY)
Signals automatically sent in real-time to everyone in the Discord
Preemptive "Get ready" signals to ensure you don't miss the entry signal


- Fully custom Premarket Relative Volume scanner that looks at all of the stocks in the S&P 500 to help with identifying in-play names
Available on-demand to everyone in the Discord




I started trading last summer with very little knowledge, no strategy, and no edge. I almost gave up because it was just constant small red days and a bunch of callouts into supply in the last chat. Then @Samc came into the chat around August and I started to observe that his pivots were on point. I started to learn the ins and outs of his strategy which was tough at first because I never understood why there was so many damn indicators on my chart. When he started getting on voice every morning, my perspective and understanding of trading elevated. It is like coming to class everyday and excited to learn about a range of topics from market structure to trading psychology. I learned so much that I was able to find plays on my own and feel confident in my execution. I will continue to learn because there’s always room for elevation and trading is fun even on the red days. With proper risk management, I understood that it is just the cost of doing business and there will always be another opportunity. I am having a good rookie trading year and May has been my best month yet. My favorite parts about Zeal are the supportive community and nightly recap/watchlist which helps tremendously to tackle the next trading day!


April 2021 Recap. First month using Sam's tracker. Helped me a lot in not overtrading since I have to journal more if I trade more I was able to capitalized on the first two weeks of the month and protecting capital in the latter half. ZEAL ZEAL ZEAL.

First day with the bot and I covered more than 6 months of my subscription cost with BABA and AAPL signals. THANK YOU!


Today, I finally found something to back me up and give me confidence in my trades. Unreal algo!


Zeal Algo has definitely given me an edge. I love the constant feedback that the visual signals provide. My trade performance has definitely improved and it has also allowed me to react quickly to minimize any losses. They have been a pleasure to deal with.